CANCELLED Andy Skellam's Single Launch with Ed Dowie - London

CANCELLED Andy Skellam's Single Launch with Ed Dowie - London

Friday 20 March 2020, 7pm
£7 advance, £10 on the door
The Empire Bar, United Kingdom

This event took place on 20 March 2020

Pear O’Legs Records is proud to host Andy Skellam’s next single, ‘Rosie’s a Goldmine’ at our new favourite spot in Hackney, The Empire Bar.

Andy will be taking us on a sleep-walk dream-journey with his full band alongside the mind bending Ed Dowie.

Then it’s party party time with DJs galore till 2am.

Andy Skellam

Andy Skellam

Andy Skellam creates an idiosyncratic blend of surreal folk & dissonant blues using acoustic/electric guitar, banjo and his baritone singing voice. His music reflects darkly humorous & deeply affecting absurdities.

He’s tall and thin, got cobwebs in his beard, falls asleep between sentences and hails from Herefordshire via Portsmouth. Andy’s voice is as mellow as a spadeful of Herefordshire soil in Autumn. His guitar playing is as steady as a grandfather clock showered by pine needles.

Living it up in Bristol, he’s Megabussing it all the way over here into our arms and ears.

Ed Dowie

Ed Dowie

Ed started making music in the late 1990s with Brothers in Sound, who released three EPs and an album with Regal Recordings and BMG. He left the band in 2000 with the intention of embarking on a solo career, but it took until 2012 for him to finally start doing something about it. He released 2 EPs (Unpacking my Library in 2012, followed by The Adjustable Arm in 2014) before joining the ranks of Lost Map Records, who released his debut album, The Uncle Sold at the beginning of 2017.

“absolutely extraordinary… atmospheric, surprising, unexpected” - **Lauren Laverne, BBC6 Music **

_“beautiful and haunting” _- **Tom Ravenscroft, BBC6 Music **