Andy Skellam Single Release Live Stream

Andy Skellam Single Release Live Stream

Friday 5 June 2020, 6pm
£0 advance, £0 on the door
Live Stream

This event took place on 5 June 2020

Pear O’Legs Records are so excited to announce Andy Skellam’s newest single, ‘Rosie’s a Goldmine’.

We’ve had to postpone this due to the COVID-19 crisis but are now ready to warm your lockdown hearts.

Andy will be taking us on a sleep-walk dream-journey from his house in Bristol.

Bristol, Britain, Earth and the whole universe, shake off those cobwebs! Andy Skellam will be beamed to your TVs and inter-cerebral viewing platforms on the 5th June! From 6pm, all for your listening pleasure.

Andy Skellam

Andy Skellam

Andy Skellam creates an idiosyncratic blend of surreal folk & dissonant blues using acoustic/electric guitar, banjo and his baritone singing voice. His music reflects darkly humorous & deeply affecting absurdities.

He’s tall and thin, got cobwebs in his beard, falls asleep between sentences and hails from Herefordshire via Portsmouth. Andy’s voice is as mellow as a spadeful of Herefordshire soil in Autumn. His guitar playing is as steady as a grandfather clock showered by pine needles.

If you want to “Buy a ticket” follow the link and purchase Andy’s single, on download or screen printed poster.