Farandi 'Finding the North' Tour - London with Arlet

Farandi 'Finding the North' Tour - London with Arlet

Thursday 4 July 2019, 6pm
£8 advance, £12 on the door
The Finnish Church in London, Rotherhithe

This event took place on 4 July 2019

Pear O’Legs Records is proud to be hosting Farandi’s first UK show as part of their Finding the North tour. They’ll be supported by the British folk group Arlet who will be performing as a duo.\ Note, this show is held in a church which has an early closing time. Doors open at 6:45pm and music will be ending at 9:00pm. But don’t worry, the night will be tightly packed with incredible music.



Farandi are six musicians from five countries brought together by a love of Nordic folk music. Hailing from Denmark, Finland, the UK, Sweden and Belgium, they explore the potential of their respective traditions, from the elementary to contemporary, from the minimal to symphonic. Described as a “transparent ocean orchestra” (Olof Misgeld), this multinational ensemble combines accordion, flute, bagpipes and a beating heart of three nyckelharpas at its core.

From the language of Old Norse, “Farandi” translates to English as “travelling” or “wandering”. The name reveals the band’s origin - a two year journey they completed together across 4 countries since 2017. The group consists of flautist Mette Qvist-Jensen from Northern Jutland, bearers of the Upland tradition of nyckelharpa Petrus Dillner and Einar Zethelius, Belgian bagpiper Marieke Van Ransbeeck, Cornish accordionist Tommie Black-Roff, and the Finnish fiddler and nyckelharpa player Saana Kujala. Individually they are known from numerous other projects such as Trio Törn, TEYR, HRD and Tagelfar.

Farandi join forces to draw lines between distant folk cousins across northern Europe. Collectively they believe in folk music that unites people – musicians, listeners and dancers. To this end Farandi are dedicated to crossing borders to share their “amazing sound” (Emilia Amper).

“They create magic on stage.”- **Avisa Hordaland **




Arlet’s music is located somewhere between the folk club and the chamber music hall. Propelled by the restless creativity of accordionist and composer Aidan Shepherd, their sound brings together the primary colours of the orchestra – strings, woodwind and brass – and adds an indefinable irridescent shimmer. The joyful melodicism and rhythmic intensity of British folk is a shared inspiration, but rather than viewing these traditions as artefacts to be revered, Arlet are drawing on folk idioms as a point of departure for their carefully sculpted, richly harmonic and ornately textured music.

“Just once in a while an album comes along that takes you to places you hadn’t realised existed” - **Folk Radio UK **

_“The hallowed F-word represents a broad church indeed, and Arlet… is particularly well-versed in the expression and meeting of diverse musical perspectives.” _- fRoots